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Introduction and Application

(a) Yeplink, Inc. Yeplink "us", “we”, or "our”) is committed in protecting your privacy.

(b) This privacy policy ("Privacy Policies") is designed to describe how we handle personal information.

(c) By using the Service, you consent to collect personal data and other information as described in this documentation policy.

(d) This Privacy Policy may change every now and then, and it is therefore vital you review it on a regular basis at

(e) This Privacy Policy uses the following terms. Other capitalized terms, which are not defined but used in this Privacy policy, have meanings in terms of Service.

 User: a paid plan user, a Free Program, or both.

Paid Plan Users: anyone who signed up for a Paid Plan.

Free Plan Users: a person has signed up for a free plan.

Visitor: A visitor to the Website, i.e., Yeplink Marketing Website

End-User: has all the meanings given to it by the Terms of Service.

(f). If you are an End user and would like to know how a User handles your personal information, please get in touch directly with the User. This Privacy Policy covers how we collect personal information from Users and Visitors.

2. What personal information do we collect?

(a.) Personal data refers to information or data concerning a living person that the information or data can identify. This includes information or facts in our possession and data which are likely to come into it.

(b) We may collect personal information in different ways for different purposes. We have listed the different types of personal data we may collect in the table below.

(c ) Types of data collected:

User data

This is the personal information you give to Yeplink Service (i.e., a User).

If you are on a Free Plan, Your personal data may include username, hashed passcode, city/country of last sign in, Language/browser types, vertical (industry), preference (e.g., user preference).

Paid Plans: Your personal information may include All the information above, credit card details (stored at Stripe and not by us ), and billing details.

Apart from the above, we may store and use the information on Visitors. We use this anonymized information to large aggregate numbers of visitors. Any personal information we have is removed as we only care about the "how" and "who.

Usage data

This data includes information on how the Yeplink Service is accessed, used by End Users and Users.

Location data

We may store information about your approximate location (e.g., Your country, postcode, or city using geographic information obtained from your IP. Yeplink uses this information to provide services and personalize the Yeplink Service.

Marketing data

This includes your preferences when you receive marketing communications from our company.

Cookies data

We use similar tracking technologies and cookies to track the activity on Yeplink Service. Cookies are files containing small amounts of data, including a unique anonymous identification. Cookies are stored on your computer and sent to your browser from a website. Please refer to the "How do you use cookies?" section.

(d). We require certain information about you, such as your user data, to be able to offer you the Yeplink Services. In this case, we may not be capable of providing you with the Yeplink Services in full. You may also have limited access to the Yeplink Services.

(e) Sensitive data

We do not gather any sensitive personal information. This includes your race or ethnicity, political opinions, associations, religious beliefs and affiliations, philosophical views, professional association or union membership, or sexual orientations or practices. In addition, we do not have any information about your health, genetic background, biometrics, or personal information.

(f). Data for children

  1. Our services are not for children under 13 (the Age Limit). If you are not over the Age Limit, please refrain from using the Yeplink Service. We will not share your personal information. If you're a parent/guardian who is aware that an individual, of whom you are the parent/guardian, has provided us with personal data under the age limit, please contact us. We will delete any personal information about an individual we have collected or stored upon our notice or discovery.
  2. Before you can sign up for the Yeplink Service, you must get consent from your parent or guardian. If you're a parent or guardian, and you know that the Provisional Age Bracket individual has given us personal information about them, please get in touch with us. Upon notice or discovery, we will erase or destroy any personal data that we may have collected about the individual.

3. Why do we collect your personal information?

(a). Yeplink uses data collected for various purposes.

  1. To offer and deliver Yeplink Services to assess, maintain, improve and enhance the performance of the Yeplink Services.
  2. To ensure our Service is relevant to you and your device. To notify you about any changes to the Service and to deliver targeted content based on your preferences, location, and user data.
  3. To enable you to participate, when you want, in surveys or interactive features on our Service.
  4. To provide customer care or to resolve any issues you may have.
  5. To monitor your use of our Service to identify, prevent and fix technical issues.
  6. To manage any of your transactions and do business planning, forecasting, reporting, and reporting.
  7. To provide promotional materials, offers, and general information about goods, services, or similar events, to those you have previously purchased, inquired about, or unless you have chosen not to receive such details.
  8. This is for the administration of our company. It includes fulfilling and exercising our obligations and rights, exercising or defending legal rights, and managing the relationship.
  9. To meet our legal obligations.
  10. To verify your identity to detect fraud or potential fraud, including fraudulent payment and fraudulent use of services.

4. How do we collect your personal information?

(a.) We may collect personal data directly from you wherever possible and practical. We may obtain personal information via:

  1. your access and use of the Yeplink Services.
  2. Website links, social networking, or through any other platform/channel where personal data is available to you;
  3. Your responses to surveys and marketing materials that we send you
  4. information and suggestions uploaded to Yeplink Services either by you or by others;
  5. interactions between you and other Yeplink Services users as well as our staff.

(b) We may also collect personal information about you from third parties such as:

  1. Third parties who work with us and provide our Yeplink Services.
  2. Third parties who provide marketing leads to us;
  3. We provide marketing and data analysis services to third parties
  4. Through public sources or when you connect to a service via social media.

Suppose we receive information about another person, such as your employees or target audience. In that case, we will let them know that personal data is used in the ways described in this PrivacyPolicy. We also inform them that they have access to the PrivacyPolicy on the Service and can request a copy.

(c). The legal basis for collecting and using personal information will vary depending on the specific circumstances. However, we will not collect any personal information from you unless:

  1. It is necessary to execute a contract to the which you are a signatory (including concerning the Yeplink Services);
  2. You have given consent to use personal data for one or more purposes.
  3. The processing is in our legitimate business interests. These interests are balanced with your privacy rights.
  4. You must comply with legal obligations and the law.

5. Who may we disclose your personal information to?

(a). Third-party disclosure

We may give your personal information to other parties. For example, these third parties could include:

  1. technology and media partners, about the services performed for us by these third parties;
  2. Our lawyers, accountants, and professional advisors
  3. Third-party service providers like third-party branding service providers are also available.
  4. Yeplink related businesses
  5. When we are required or prompted by law to do so, we will inform the law enforcement authorities.
  6. In the event we sell, transfer or transfer all or a part of our business or assets, such assets will be transferred to any transferee. We will use all reasonable efforts to make sure that the transferee uses the personal information you have given us according to this Privacy Policy.
  7. Third-party payment processors

(b). Under 5(a(7) above, since we provide paid services and products within the Service, we use third-party payment processing companies. We won't store or collect your payment card data. These details are provided directly to our third-party processors. They use your personal information according to their privacy policies. These payment processors must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Security Standards (" PCI_DSS ") set forth by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. The Council is an alliance of companies like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Secure handling of payment data is made possible by PCI DSS requirements. We have the following payment processors in our network:

(c). Disclosures of personal information to foreign countries

  1. Yeplink might transfer personal information to the United States and other countries where Yeplink does business. Yeplink might subcontract activities and share your personal data with other parties outside the United States (where our headquarters are).
  2. These organizations may be located in different countries, but we will generally share personal information with organizations in the United States as part of our business operations. Therefore, privacy laws in other countries may apply to personal information. These transfers are necessary to provide Yeplink Services and carry out the activities outlined in this Privacy Policy.
  3. According to this Privacy Policy, we take every precaution to ensure that personal data is secure and protected. We won't transfer your personal data to another country or organization unless we feel there are adequate controls. For more information, please refer to section 9 below (How do you protect your personal info).

6. How do we use cookies?

(a) We collect information from your browser to help us improve the Yeplink Services. This information is collected in statistical form and can include your IP address and browser type. In addition, this Website uses cookies to track page visits and information accessed within its Website. This information is used to analyze the Website and for statistical purposes.

(b). In many cases, our website tools do not record personal information. However, if the information you provide is personal information, then this Privacy Policy will apply.

(c). Below are the reasons why we use Cookies and the different types that We Use.

  1. Requirements cookies: These cookies are needed to run our Website or receive the Service you request. For example, to enable a Users session or other request type functionality on this Service.
  2. Performance cookie: These cookies collect information on how visitors use our Website and how they interact with it to make it better. Heap Analytics tracks anonymous information about how visitors use the Service. It only collects statistical data such as the number of visitors to our Service, their route (i.e., Through a Google search or from another website), whether a first-time visitor or a return visitor, etc.
  3. Functionality cookie: These cookies are used to store your choices. These cookies may make certain features less reliable and convenient. These cookies allow us to remember your language and choice and present relevant content or collect statistics to aid in our User analytics.
  4. Marketing cookies are used to provide advertising that is more targeted to you and matches your interests. These cookies can be placed by third-party advertisers or our partners who share cookie information with us. These cookies allow us to re-target ads to appropriate audiences via our advertising partners' platforms.

(d). The Yeplink Service can also use third-party tools from time to time, including data analytics and online surveys tools. These third parties have access only to your personal information to perform these tasks for us. They are prohibited from disclosing and using it in any other way. Therefore, the following list of service providers is not exhaustive and may change from time to time.

  1. Google Analytics & Google Adwords

2. Facebook

(e). You can also configure your web browser so that it rejects cookies. For example, your web browser can be set to reject cookies so that this website's functions are not available to you.

7. Direct marketing communications

We may occasionally send direct marketing communications regarding our products and services. In addition, we may send you electronic messages (e.g., You may be contacted by electronic messages (e.g., email, online (e.g., Through our Service), via email (e.g., You may choose not to receive electronic notifications from us by contacting our contact details at the bottom this Privacy Policy or using the opt-out mechanism provided in our marketing emails.

8. How long do we retain your personal information?

We will keep your personal data for as long and as necessary to meet the purposes described in this Privacy policy. Each case will be governed by applicable legal and regulatory requirements concerning permissible or required retention periods, limitation periods, and legal actions.

9. How do we secure your personal information?

(a). We have put in place security measures to protect your personal data from being accidentally lost or used in an unauthorized fashion, altered, or disclosed.

(b). We limit your access to personal data to employees and agents, contractors, as well as other third parties with business use. They will only process personal information as instructed by us and are subject to confidentiality.

(c). While we do our best to protect your Personal Information using commercially acceptable means, we cannot guarantee absolute security. We have procedures in place to handle any suspected breach of your personal information. Where required by law, we will notify the regulator and you.

10. Links to other sites

(a). Our Service (including the Privacy Policy) might contain links to other websites from time to time. We are not responsible for any of these sites. Yeplink profiles can be populated by the person who created them.

(b). These websites may operate independently from our Service. Therefore, they could be subject to different terms of use, including personal information. We have not reviewed the websites of third parties and do not know or control their content, privacy policies, or how they are managed.

(c). You do so at your risk if you decide to interact with third-party websites. Therefore, we urge you to carefully review the privacy policies on every Website you visit.

11. What are your rights concerning personal information?

(a. Access to and corrections of personal information

  1. We take reasonable precautions to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete, current, and up-to-date. We would appreciate your feedback on any inaccuracies or changes to your personal information.
  2. At any time, you have the right to request access to your personal data. Sometimes, we will have to deny your request to access any personal information we may hold about yourself if necessary and within law limits. Please contact us using the details at the bottom of this Privacy Policy to request access. We may charge you a small fee depending on how we handle your request.
  3. You may also ask us to correct any personal information that we have about you. Please get in touch with us using our contact details at the bottom of this Privacy policy to request an update on any personal information. If we don't agree to amend personal data, we can note what you ask as a correction.
  4. We will give you our reasons if required by applicable law.
  5. We are available to answer any questions you may have about our privacy policies and how we manage your personal data.


Certain limitations and restrictions may apply (e.g., you may be allowed to exercise additional rights regarding your personal information depending on where you live. This includes the rights granted by the General Data Protection Regulation (the ). Depending on where and how limited they are under applicable law, you may have the following rights. These rights could include the right of:

1. Access, update, and delete the information we have on yours.

You can update, correct, or delete your personal information from your account settings section whenever it's possible. If you cannot perform these actions yourself, please contact us at the bottom to receive assistance.

2. The right to rectification

If the information you provide is not accurate or complete, you have the right to correct it.

3. The right to object

You have the right of objection to our processing personal information.

4. The right to restrain

You can ask us to temporarily or permanently limit our processing of your personal details.

5. The right of data portability

You can request a copy from us in a machine-readable and structured format.

6. The right to refuse to be subjected to automated decision-making

You have the option to opt-out of any decision made solely by automated decision-making (including profiling) that would have a significant legal effect on you.

7. The right to withdraw consent

You have the right to withdraw when we have used your consent for processing your personal data.

(c). Please note that we may need additional information to verify your request.

(d) You can contact us at the bottom to ask questions about our privacy policies or to exercise your rights. You also have the option to complain about our use and collection of your personal data to your local Data Protection Authority.

12. Complaints

(a). We value your privacy concerns. If you have concerns about handling your personal data or our privacy practices, please contact us at the address below. We will confirm receipt of the complaint, and, if required, we will investigate.

(b). We may need additional information from you about your complaint. If an investigation has been opened after you make a complaint, then you will be contacted with the results of that complaint as soon and as quickly as possible. If, in the unlikely event that we are unable to solve your complaint to your satisfaction, you may contact the local privacy or data protection authorities.

13. Changes to This Privacy Policy

Sometimes, we update our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you check it often. We will post the revised Privacy Policy on our Service to notify you about any changes. In addition, we will notify the User via email, prominent notice on the Service, and update the "effective day" at the bottom of the Privacy Policy. These Privacy Policy changes are effective as soon as they are posted to this page unless otherwise specified in the email and/or prominent notification.

14. Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions regarding this Privacy Policy and our privacy practices.

Last updated on: 16 January, 2022